Corporate Banking

The process of recovering a corporate banking case involves studying its case history, analyzing its key elements, generating an action plan, and taking necessary actions to establish a schedule of repayment.

Our client portfolio includes banks and financial institutions. The special cases we handle on their behalf include debt collection related to shares and stocks dues, among others. We are qualified to represent these clients at police departments and in court, at all levels and through all stages of jurisdiction.

The Corporate Banking Department is supported by Advocates and Legal Consultants. With its team of well qualified attorneys and legal experts, they study the feasibility of any legal action as a last resort, and provide effective legal support where necessary. Additional support is provided by our specialized Tracing Team who traces debtors whose whereabouts are not known, whether they are in the country or abroad.

Corporate Services B2B

Htahseel provides collection services to both local and multinational companies, and work closely with them to provide timely and creative solutions to improve cash flow and reverse the negative impact of slow payments and credit flows.

Many companies offer credit facilities to other companies for competition and to gain market share. Sometimes, companies receiving such facilities default on their payments and if the creditor is unable to locate the owners, it is stuck with a bad loan.

Htahseel is highly successful in tracing these company owners with unknown domiciles. That’s why we guarantee a quick settlement of debts from debtors who often change their addresses, leave the country or use other methods to remain inaccessible.

Htahseel also enforces the court’s decisions by liquidating and attaching debtors’ assets and return it to its rightful claimants.

Retail Commercial Debts B2C  

Large companies who provide their services or products to their consumers with credit facilities usually face cash flow problems with customers who fail to pay their dues on time. These companies would like their money to be recovered with minimum cost and hassle without jeopardizing their reputation in the market. Here, we provide and execute debt collection solutions in the most professional manner, ensuring both timely and effective recovery.

Our Field Collectors work hand-in-hand with the Tele-Collectors to visit debtors and collect payments, and deposit them in our clients’ accounts in a timely manner. They are also supported by our Legal Special Handling team and specialised Skip Tracing Team. We continue to achieve a high success ratio in locating debtors based on the skills of our professional skip tracers and our large database.

We follow an open channel of communication with clients and provide them with full assurance that their money are in safe hands. At the same time, we deal with their delinquent customers in the most professional manner so as to uphold our clients’ reputation.

Auto Finance companies

When it comes to Auto Finance companies are often stuck with delinquencies and charge-offs despite being cautious when reviewing requests, conducting reference checks, studying employment histories and analyzing credit scores. To make it worse, vehicles are movable assets, and auto loan customers who fail to pay their dues often leave the country, move to other cities, or even attempt to sell their car.

Htahseel team is trained to trace and locate missing cars and hand them back to Auto Finance companies. Our teams not only recover the overdue but also convince the auto loan customer to sell the car.

In case of accidents involving an un-paid or partially paid car, we liaise with insurance companies to recover its full value as per policy, in order to return it to the bank.

Insurance, Tele Companies

Htahseel has expert team to collect on our client’s behalf effectively and efficiently. for insurance companies and telecommunication debts as well

Pulling Leased Vehicles

Htahseel has expert team in repossession on our client’s behalf effectively and efficiently.

Individuals Debts Collection

  • Check collection
  • Collection of order bonds
  • Judicial debt collection
  • Debt settlement