With its brief history of less than 40 years, debt collection in KSA was strictly limited to legal firms until we established ourselves as a specialized business. With our dedicated focus, the introduction of unique standards, and through the merits of our qualified professionals, we rapidly emerged to be a leader in KSA debt collection industry, and a torchbearer for the Middle East region.

Once a registered client has provided us with information on the debt, including supporting documents, the claim is reviewed and the data is electronically registered in our program, covering all stages and strategies of the collection process.

Our communication with debtors and clients include phone calls, faxes, letters, emails, , SMS messages and field visits, and we make every effort to arrange payment amicably. In the process, we actively try to resolve any or all disputes and obtain clear commitments on resolution. If a debtor fails to cooperate in resolving the debt, or if the issue cannot be settled through conventional collection methods, we also engage in pre-legal and legal action towards full and final recovery.

With a current collection rate that is ranked among the highest in the industry, we continue to serve a wide range of clients in diverse fields of industry, commerce and business, especially those in the banking and finance sectors, to whom our services remain invaluable.