• Call Center ( Soft Collection )

Htahseel Collection Call Centre uses state-of-the-art collection software that covers the debt collection process through its entire lifecycle – from early to mid and late stages. This includes a vital online service for our clients who require immediate access to the updated information about their cases. Our branches are linked with this system at high speed connectivity.

Apart from instant visibility of follow-up actions, it also enables instant two-way communication regarding various accounts. Equipped with a full-fledged Document Management System (DMS), the software also generates legal notices and emails to debtors, while the Reminder Alert System (RAS) schedules tasks, calls, meetings and various MIS reports. Furthermore, the system is programmed to ensure timely follow-up on payment arrangements and priority accounts, and effective management of payments.

  • Skip Tracing

People who get into debt are likely to avoid payment, which may often mean changing their address, moving out of the country, and/or making other efforts not to be found.

Htahseel undertakes and executes Skip Tracing operations as & when deemed appropriate, when the task is to locate debtors who have moved out of the country, or whose whereabouts are unknown.

We understand that laws vary across different countries, and a debtor who has moved overseas may not be subjected to the same obligations as in the KSA. In these cases, our competence in international debt recovery is marked by our strong partnerships with several global collection agencies and law firms. These agencies are among the most respected in the world, and their services are directly reported to us, which means you will continue to receive the same care, timeliness, attention and unparalleled results.

In the KSA, we also have Field Agents located across KSA, who add a professional touch to the process of recovering debts.

Dependant on the circumstances, our teams can locate most of the Skip Tracing cases and enable amicable settlement.

  • Field Collection

Permanent field follow-up to collect all receivables, returned checks, and other receivables at the level of ministries, institutions and individuals who are charged with following up their collection.• Verify the correctness and accuracy of the data contained in the accounting documents and statements and complete the supporting documents to enable them to be reconciled with the accounts of debtors.

  • Hard Core Collection
  • Write off Collection
  • Reschedule and settlement

A person with accumulated debts, that is, those with high debts that he cannot pay, can get help settling their debts.• Debt settlement and rescheduling means that a person gets a plan to pay a portion of his debts within a period agreed upon between the debtor and the creditor for individuals and companies• If you have very high accumulated debts, you can apply for debt settlement. This applies to both ordinary people and companies.